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Itches looks up in puzzlement as Paladin speaks of "seeing". About to ask question he catches a look from shade and Quickly shuts his mouth again.

Then without warning everything happens at once. More of the dogmen jump out of the bushes and attack, Paladin charges forward into battle. Caught in Panic Itches freezes on the stop, unsure what to do in the sudden battle

"One of you -- get the warrior loose, and give him a weapon! I need a moment to help him, or we'll surely perish!"

Hearing the command, the half-elf find he can move again. Relived to be of some help, without having to fight he makes his way darting across the battlefield to where Cadirus is tied up.

Those weapons, they want to capture us, not kill. Why?

Reaching where the man is tied up, the Aristocrat reaches out to shake the former paladin awake. As his hands touch where Cadirus was, before his very eyes the image wavers and turns to mist.

What the??!!

Turing around to see his companions in battle, Itches almost screams at them "It Inst Him!! It was An Illusion"
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