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The sun is closing in on the horizon when she hears a high voice drifting back from further up the trail. She knows that voice, having heard it scream more than once and prattle incessantly since the moment they'd met. Itches. And now the fool was actually singing as if this was some sort of summer game in his father's wood. As if they hadn't been twice attacked and the young man nearly killed or captured.

Her patience has been short since she made it back to the trail, the dead gnolls having destroyed any calm from her trek through the forest. Two hours of worry over Cadrius hadn't improved her mood; neither had the run she'd needed to catch up with them. She could see them now up the trail, apparently examining something off to the side. She didn't bother hiding her approach and it didn't take them long to spot her.

The aristocrat's voice dies in his throat as he catches the look in her eyes. Without a word she looks at the object of their attention: a bright chain, an amulet suspended from it. Her mind snaps back to the previous evening, Cadrius holding up his torch by the rivers edge, light glinting off of that same chain. She would have known it, even if his tracks hadn't veered off that way.

"He was deeply wounded in the previous battles and I fear that there may be more gnolls close by. Why have you let him scout off on his own?"

She spits this last out as she snatches the amulet from the branch and turns to follow his trail. When she hears the sounds of the others behind her she turns abruptly. Fixing an accusing eye on Itches, she holds up a hand.

"Let us follow quickly but as quietly as our speed allows. That means no singing!"