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Digi has asked about common gathering places for Kindred in Port Elizabeth. I think all the players would like to know this, so I am posting it here. This list is not exhaustive, but it's a starting point of common knowledge all of your characters (except Dagney and maybe Serenity) would have.

Kathryn, a Daeva vampiress, owns a hotel in the business district named "Fiore". Classy place, declared Elysium.

Dietrich the Nosferatu owns a building by the docks he keeps stocked with humans. It's his domain, but he charges guests for nightly rooms.

A Gangrel named Richmond owns a grungy nightclub in the seedy part of town. Not Elysium, but he won't be happy if you cause trouble there.

The Prince himself holds court in Bedlam Abbey - a former monastery the Catholic church sold to an associate of his decades ago. This location is Elysium.

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