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"You'll pay for that bitch!" Almego screams at Wren while tears well up in his eyes blurring his vision. A red tint covers everything he can see and in his minds eye twists a suffering Stephen next to Raynal who has no eyes. They both twist in agony whilst falling into an abyss that stretches on forever. All the while down, amidst the pain and suffering, they still find the strength to curse his name, "We'll see you in hell cousin!" and, "Curse you brother! Curse you to hell!"

Again a familiar voice strengthens his resolve. Without risk... And this time Almego answers, outloud he finishes the inspiring words of Valkur the Mighty, "Without risk, life is empty. And you dear Wren... your life is OVER!"

Young Olvander turns time forward on the Hand of Time to later than any hour of power he has called upon thus far. The Hand passes along the treads of time and brings the Prophecies of Darnathian the Black to its final hour. Whether this day ends with good triumphing over evil or the Shadowstorm covering all... it will be brought to an end. And probably to my end as well... if Valkur sees fit to answer my prayers.

As Wren closes in attempt to stop Almego he prays to Valkur, I risk my eternal soul for one thing above all my other reasons oh Mighty one... to save my brother from an eternity in hell. If I pleased you with my actions, with my following what I thought to be your will in this life, please deliver him, and Raynal, from their doom and send me in their stead... My life has NOT been empty, nor without purpose... to have served you has fulfilled me. I don't wish it upon them to pay for my sins...

Incredible power begins to build and the thrumming of the clock is evident to all upon the battlefield as the Hand of Time strikes Midnight.
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