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The Hand of Time ticks forward to strike 9:30 and the bell tolls again across the battlefield and great power floods from the artifact to form a dimensional rip in the very fabric of time and space. Through the rip steps Almego to appear about 20 yards away... right behind Wren!

I'll never forgive myself for leaving you to bleed out in Neverwinter cousin, but I won't leave you to die this time! Again a tortured vision of Stephen comes into his mind and he adds, Nor you brother...

Spinning the dials of The Hand of Time again Almego turns the time forward a half of an hour and releases a stunning cone of sonic energy into two of the Storm Sisters. Vibrations in the air ripple out and slam into the sisters like a hammer.


(ooc: First round: Dimension Door to roughly 10-15 SE of Wren. Second round: Shout directed at Wren and Oleeda. I'm trying to miss my allies, but if I have to hit Amra or Samson, so be it. I will not however hit Raynal.

IF I won't be able to unleash the Shout without hitting Raynal then I'll... give up and cry? No... um... I'll cast Valkur's Shocking Strike at her. +8 ranged touch attack (no natural armor bonus) to hit, no saves, but spell resist applies. D20+5 vs her spell resist score for the spell to affect her.

If she turns to attack me I'll go on full defense (+4 ac) and put the defending power of my rapier on (+3) and dodge her (+1) for a total AC of 31! (armor +5, dex +4, shield +4, full defense +4, defender +3, dodge +1). Pretty high eh? Also, blur (20% miss chance), and mirror image (5)

That's 2 rounds of actions. If you want to play out three and she doesn't attack me I'll give her another shocking strike, unless the first one didn't affect her. If that's the case I'll try an Ice Dagger. If she does attack me I'm on full defense that round. I'll send you a copy of the map with my proposed position and the area I'm trying to hit with the Shout. Also, when I get over by Wren I'll use my quickdraw to put The Hand of Time away in a pouch in my Haversack.)
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