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Emen fortunately had some ideas where to look for a recruiter, and he headed off to The Consecuto. The arena loomed up above him, the cheers and jeers of the fans roaring and nearly deafening as he approached. However, Emen wasn't heading in to watch the games today, but to the recruitment office. Professional recruiters and recruiters-to-be could often be found here, looking through lists of available gladiators.

The noise died out noticeably as he entered the recruitment office, but still bled through the thick stone walls. Inside, numerous gladiators were chatting with each other and with recruiters. Paperwork was being signed, money was exchanging hands, but Emen wasn't looking for the gladiators, at least, not at the moment. Looking around, he spotted a middle-aged balding dwarf who was watching all of the gladiators closely, shaking his head. The dwarf turned, and started walking out, until he saw Emen watching him. Eye contact made, the dwarf waded across the room to him.

"Eh, who're ye? Ye dun look quite like a fightin' type, nor do ye look like ye has an eye for fightin' types."
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