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Skidding to a stop in front of the majestic beast, Second barely even notices anyone else there.

Those scales.. Such raw, natural beauty.. What the?

Spells are suddenly slung at the creature. Swords and axes flash, biting chunks out of it's flesh. At first, it's true, the creature was attacking. Now, however.. it's just trying to get away. Far too weak to fly, it hisses and bites at anyone who draws near. Then orcs appear.


As the others, confused, stop for a moment, they too notice the lizard is backing away slowly, no longer interested in a fight. The orcs keep pushing onward, but for now, the Wyvern is alone.

With a wry grin, the man adds "Let me speed this up a bit.."

Drawing out his large oak leaf, he begins chanting. Within moments, insects begin to appear, swarming forward from the Druid toward the Wyvern. The Orcs dodge out of the way as the large beast watches the insects close in, eyes widening in horror as the they begin biting at it's ankles. With a final hiss of defiance at the crowd, the beast turns and dashes back into the woods, weak, but not too weak to survive.

"There.. wasn't that a much nicer way to end it, rather than killing the poor innocent thing? GACK!" Second ducks just in time to doge a blow from an orc that drew near, and he pops back up, grin on his face, never seeing the other orc behind him. One swift swing to his knee, and the Druid is down on the ground.

(Summon Swarm! And AoO's to boot!)

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