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Crito lets out a low whistle at the sight of the creature. "Vhat t'e hell is t'at?!" He watches in admiration as several of the men from the tavern, including Cadogan the blind man, attack the beast bringing it crashing to the earth. Unfortunately its fall seems to have knocked out the purple clad sorcerer.

Just then more Orcs come crashing out of the forest. Crito isn't sure what to do at first, but the grey clad man seems to be handling the Orcs and Crito sees the wyvern start to make a move for the unfortunate Megamieuwsel.

"Letayooshchi kislotni." Crito flings a hand forward, sending out a shaft of green colored light, aiming at the wyvern. Unfortunately, the creature lurches at the wrong moment and the acid arrow slides harmlessly by.

[OOC: How do we know how much damage has been done to a creature like this? It doesn't matter with my miss, but I have no idea how I could have figured out the appropriate result if I had hit.]