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It got steel , it got heat ...
Now let's add a few more ingredients to the mix...

While grabbing a small flask from one of Patokkel's saddlebags with his right hand , his left index-finger points at the creature's head , releasing a thin line of icecrystals.

"I-icecream-ma-a-an , ring your bell.."

Before the ray hit the target , the flask was thrown into the mix as well.

To the observant bystander , a rare commodity given the situation , a fine example of a natural phenomonem(sp?) revealed itself;
Overheated lizard-skin , suddenly cooled down below zero in a small spot act's rather funny: The unequal expanding and shrinking made a four square inch separate itself from the rest.
Not really spectacular , but nonetheless funny.

The other missile proved more effective towards defeating the monstuosity; Upon impact , it spilled it's content over the creatures wing , rapidly "biting" holes in them , to the point , where said appendages no longer provided the nessecary "lift" for the Wyvern to stay aloft.

Schreaking in pain , it lands amidst the rag-tag "Army-Of-Weirdo's", flailing the remnants of his wings wildly.

Megamieuwsel himself doesn't really get the chance to enjoy his little succes ; One of the beast's appendages hit him on the head and our friendly-neighbourhood-fashion-statement most ungracefully hit's the ground as a result of that.

....and now his hat is dented too.....

Patokkel , sturdy and brave he may be , can't take the frightfull sight of the raging reptile any longer and runs off in blind panick , into the forest.
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