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Cappucina was going to stay around the Dragon's Hangover while everyone ran out to see to the danger warning. She leaned against the doorway and watched all the big people run toward the gates while she wondered what she was going to use for entertainment now. Then that lady with the little snake ring also rushes toward her from up the street, heading after the crowd running for the gates.

Cap nearly dances up to her calling, "Elanor. Excuse me, Elanor! There was talk in the tavern about putting together an artifact search for these amazing little googles that will solve all your afflictions and fix all your problems or something like that. The man in purple named Mega has two leads on where to look. Somewhere in the dream plane or maybe at this nice halfling's mother's brother's place. Do you know where that is? I think the big guy is going to go, and this new guy with silver eyes, and the dwarf will go, and this big fella who hasn't said but I know he will go cause he's the type, and the guy with the green hair seem interested, and the tin tinkerer might go and some others and Me!"

Cappucina is really huffing and gasping for breathe, trying to keep up with the human lady's stride and talking nonstop. She slows down to a more manageable pace now that she is through bringing Elanor up to date. "You should go too and bring useful magic stuff!" she hollers at the shop lady's back as Elanor's outruns her. Then she takes a look around at where she is. She is on the edge of town and where the guard post is. "Oh hello there." she calls to them as she jogs by the guards and toward the ever larger fight in the forest. She knows exactly where it is because a sheet of flames she just saw and the clash of steel she can hear are both pretty good clues.

Cap nears and goes into stealth mode. She moves silently and hides among the trees and bushes and the shadows. Only people with amazing luck or who are just as stealthy as she is have a chance to see her. She creeps a bit more forward and watches. She's not going to get involved in this fight unless it is truly necessary. But, if the big guys need help, help will be on its way.

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