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As the better half of a dozen people fling by the guards... they seem to give up on figuring out whats going on... and simply stand and look puzzled.

You see a light much like a bullseye lantern running ahead, and figure it must be the odd man from the tavern... he is traveling in the direction of what is more distant, but appears to be a large fire of some sort, too large to be a normal camp fire, but too organized to be wild or out of control.

The night air is picking up and it nips at the heals of the interesting assortment who heeded Whonan's calls for help... as you approach closer it appears to be a bonfire burning in the middle of a neatly organized circle near the edge of an ominous wood. To your amazement there appear to be 4 or 5 dead orc's with thuroughly torn flesh.

The Grey clad stranger is standing looking upwards at the night sky... as the breeze suddenly dies... you hear a low growl...

"Not them..... THAT!" Whonan says calmly. Directed, as could only be assumed, towards the stampeed coming up from the rear. The Redheaded woman comes to stand next to him, from where she was kneeling next to the lady in Green, who remains focused downwards..

As you look up you see a huge reptilian of sorts, with massive wings and a hidieous spiked tail ending in a barbed stinger, poised to swoop back down at him. The air picks up once again as its wings beat heavily and it dives like a bird of prey upon the helpless.
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