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Meanwhile back in the Shoppe...

"Ah yes Indeed, Fruit Bat Fur sounds perfect!" Cadogan exclaims having corrected his orientation without so much as mentiontioning his error. He takes off his spell component pouch and gives it a quick toss towards where he estimates the counter to be and suprisingly it lands right infront of the halfling.

"Please fill it up for me, Coal in the left-left pocket and fur in the left-down-left pocket." He fiddles around in his pocket for a while and produces a gold coin feels it about in the air and sneers as he returns it to his pocket and produces yet again another gold coin, again he frowns and digs deeper finally pulling out a silver. He wades forward nearly knocking over several items and finds his way to the counter and places the coin down.

"Its the smallest I have im afraid. Will there be much change?"