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I'm thinking of giving Sawrina a magical amulet that is her family heirloom as her particular strength. I want to make it unique (it's an heirloom, after all).

My backstory for it is something like:
"A small golden amulet with a brilliant emerald at its center. It has been passed down from mother to daughter in Sawrina's family for generations, as a simple family heirloom. The emerald seems to glow with a dull mystic light as it rests on Sawrina's chest."

It's usage would be something like:
"It grants the wearer increased understanding of the workings of spells, if they have some innate magical sensitivity. Whenever they are analyzing instructions for casting a spell, the emerald flashes brightly for a moment, and gives them a flash of insight into the workings of the spell."

It has to be used for myself. For NPCs it's good for action.

Significance 1: It's unique.

Its die is a d8.
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