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I'm fairly certain nobody else on campus even knows what ORP is, but I'm feeling vaguely paranoid.
But yes, right now I'm working exclusively on public computers. Every time I happen to sit down at a computer to come here and see I'm already logged in, I feel a little more irritated at myself.

And I already have enough of that.

Edit: So first I decide, "hey I bet I could make a Greasemonkey script that gets rid of the pop-up." But it's obviously even worse to install Greasemonkey and the script every time, so I'd need my own version of firefox on a usb stick. So I find that, get that working, get Greasemonkey going, start thinking about what the script should be, and pause.
I've now got a portable Firefox install on a usb stick.
What's even worse is this is by no means the stupidest thing I've done recently. This last week has sucked.

So yeah, I guess this is even less than a big deal.
Although I'll note that this is pretty much the only website I actually like which uses pop-ups of any kind. So yeah.
Sleepy cat is sleepy.

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