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Forum Request/Deletion

Name: Welcome to the Hellmouth
Description: Herein lies the tales of a band of heroes, gathered together by fate and necessity to combat the forces of darkness, and keep shut the mouth of Hell. [Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG]
Current Player List: Haraphen, Ergonomic Cat, Krypton, SRJJJB
Sub-Forums: Player Area, GM Area (Restricted)

I'd also like to make 2 further requests, if I may. Firstly, can the following tag be added to the end of my Marvel: Los Angeles game description: [Marvel Universe RPG]

Lastly, I was wondering if you could remove the Firefly game board from my user panel. No player wants to take it over, and I'm still getting applications for the game, despite my post in the OOC thread about shutting the game down.

P.S. Please find enclosed twenty-six virgins.
Space Marine Commandment 139: "Thou shalt not replace the Space Wolves store of tuna with cans of Puppy Chow."

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