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Letting his companions rush ahead, Meleaga calmly draws a scroll and begins to read aloud the mystic language, the spell completes and the scroll falls to pieces in the hands of the wizard as it crumbles to ash. Although nothing seems to have changed with the spell completed, the man takes comfort in knowing that he is now protected by a tower shield of pure invisible force.

Sophia charges toward the creatures with Harald only a few feet behind, as she draws near the creature it begins to turn around in order to avoid the attack. Sophia also twists as she grips her mace and swings around landing a solid blow to the side of the brown-furred monstrosity's head. There is a sick crunch as the head rotates much further than it's neck would like to allow, and the lifeless rat drops to the ground.

The northern warrior's foe manages something along the lines of a dodging motion, but Harald's blade sweeps downward and leaves a nasty wound down the length of it's torso. Despite the grievous damage, however, it refuses to fall to the ground as it's companion did.

Enraged by Sophia's delivery of a swift death to his ally, the rearmost rat gives up on Finn and rushes forward. As it moves it makes a deep rumbling noise, more akin to a mountain lion's roar than any noise a rat should make. Using the distraction to his advantage, Finn thrusts his thin blade at the creature as it attempts to pass him, although his attack does little more than scratch the hulking monster. Leaping over it's fallen friend, the creature rakes at Sophia with a huge clawed paw, although the devout of Pelor manages to deflect the blow with her shield.

Not as easily distracted, the rat closest to Finn throws one of its powerful arms out at him in a claw-studded punch. Unable to move out of the way in time, the youth relies on his armour to absorb the blow. The claws fail to penetrate the studded leather but the force of the blow still sends him reeling.

Bestial Rat 1
Bestial Rat 2
Youth (F)
Bestial Rat 3 (down)
Bestial Rat 4
Bestial Rat 5

Drop this text at
*BEGIN 0 0 rs 0
*s -1 2o 6w rs 0 9zabk 2o 34 2o 6w *s -1 3c 6w rs 0 9zabk 3c 34
@3c 6w *s -1 2o 50 rs 0 9zabk -2o 50 2o 50 *s -1 7g 50 rs 0 9zabk
@-s 50 7g 4c *s -1 7g 40 rs 0 9zabk -s 40 7g 34 *s -1 3c 40 rs 0
@9zabk 3c 40 -3c 40 *s -1 54 6c rs 0 0 1k 3o 4w 3o 54 6c 1s 6c 1k
@3o *s -1 6g 6g rs 0 0 3s 3k 68 34 6g 5c 48 6g 3s 3k *s -1 7g 4s
@rs 0 0 5o 4s 7g 4s *s -1 6k 64 rs 0 0 6k 3g 6k 64 *s -1 7g 6g rs
@0 0 5o 5s 7g 6g *s -1 5k 6w rs 0 0 1c 6w 1k 60 4w 60 5k 6w *s -1
@2k 6w rs 0 0 2k 6w 2k 5s 18 5s k 6w *s -1 1i 6c rs 0 0 v 3w 1b
@58 1j 5o 13 64 -15 6c -p 3w v 3w *s -1 2j 69 rs 0 0 3 4h 2j 41
@2j 69 j 5t *s -1 1o 40 rs 0 0 -10 40 18 40 1o 3c 1o 1c -10 1c
@-10 40 *s -1 3c 40 rs 0 0 8 40 g 3c g o 3c o 3c 2o 1c 2o 1c 40 g
@40 *s -3 6q 6a rs 0 *s -1 54 3w rs 0 0 1k 2k 2g 3w 54 3g 3s 18
@1k 1w 1k 2k *s -1 50 34 rs 0 0 50 1s 4k 34 *s -1 6c 3o rs 0 0 3w
@3o 64 3o 6c 10 3o 18 *s -1 7c 3o rs 0 0 54 3o 7c 3g 7c 1o 5c 18 *s
@-3 bk 8l rs 0 F *s -3 as 7w rs 0 R1 *s -3 c6 98 rs 0 R2 *s -3 av
@8m rs 0 R3 *s -3 dj 8l rs 0 R4 *s -3 aw 98 rs 0 R5 *s -3 a8 96
@rs 0 H *s -3 5l 9x rs 0 M *s -3 a6 8j rs 0 S *s -1 5o 4c rs 0
@9y6tc 50 4c 5o 3o *s -1 5o 4c rs 0 9y6tc 5o 4c 50 3o
*END -2pkorz
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