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Cassio offers a silent nod and hands a heavy iron key to Harald,
"Try to not let the folks round here see what you're up to. I don't want it advertised that people are goin' back to the Broken Tower before it's safe. Well then I'll wish you good luck, and bid you good day."
The Ward-Sheriff returns to his desk as the trio leave his office and head down the stairs. The solitary guardsmen the group pass on their way out, sits at the main desk polishing one of his boots with a rag and barely looks up at the party.

The air is still but carries both a chill and the odour of too many people living too close together with not enough money. Walking with purpose down the cobbled streets, the three remain silent, one carries the burden of a lost brother who was placed in his care, another still reels from her ordeal in the very place they are returning to, and the third is left with only himself to talk to.

Small and iron-bound, the door set into the large wall built to contain the plague looks the same as it did on Harald and Meleaga's first visit. Traffic on the street is minor and those that do pass seem to have their own concerns that don't involve staring at the small group by the plague-door. The lock is rusty and the door seems to enjoy its position within the frame, never the less Harald inserts the key in to the lock and attempts to persuade the door to open. Eventually the key turns with a loud snapping noise and the lock is freed from the door.

At first the door resists all efforts to open, but finally it yields to the Northern warrior's strength and bursts open with a shower of rust. Quickly passing through the portal, Sophia closes the door behind them and hopes that nobody heard the noise or will have cause to inspect the now obviously unlocked and unstuck door.

Three public wells are contained inside the forbidden district of Edinhumber. The first lies outside the former lair of the Moon Bringers. The second is at the opposite end of the district, by the side of one of the main streets. And the third lies not far from the party, down a narrow alleyway off the street ahead. Cassio's map showed the three wells forming a triangle with the districts' namesake at the centre.
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