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I'd fully endorse the idea of becoming traveling sell-swords. It's an angle that I can work into the campaign relatively easily. The problem is that you'd want to abandon this dungeon to do that. That's flaking out on your current contract and wouldn't bode well either IC or OOC. In both cases people (IC patrons or me as the DM) would be wondering if you'd just do that to the next contract that came along.

So I think the issue as to be rephrased as what it is in this adventure/contract, that would motivate your interest and participation. You have a fairly straight forward mission: rescue some prisoners and recover some stolen artifacts. You've followed the thieves to their lair and need to go in and get them. The lair is a large complex and there are complications hinting at larger issues than a simple rescue and recovery mission. Summed up like that, the story sounds like something that should be interesting and fun to play. However, the game has clearly stalled out, indicating that something about the game isn't catching your attention. Is the amount of combat really that much of a killer? Or is there something else that's just sucking your motivation away? Merc mentioned the fact that his character simply isn't playing the way he envisioned (through a combination of bad build and luck). Is it the same for the rest of you? Are their other issues involved?
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