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Unread 5th of June, 2011, 12:53
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I'm pretty sure I haven't read posts closely enough and don't really know where we are and what we're doing. At the time it feels like yeah, I know what's going on, but my hold slowly deteriorates and your posts make less and less sense until I just don't feel like going on.
Also too much room. A lot of people here that feel like good DMs give me too much room, then I make bad decisions, then they post the legitimately bad results, then I feel discouraged.
It's felt more and more like I could easily make a bad decision, and I wanted someone else (who knows what's going on and knows what we should be doing) to post, since if I posted I'd screw things up.

Ril is a pretty cool dude that I'm interested in, and I bet if we were all sitting down in the same room this game would be awesome.
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