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Xaan regains control mid flight and swings his feet toward the incomeing wall. A hurying jawa runs infront of the wall just as xaan reaches it. Xaans feet make contact with the jawas torso, the jawa explodes in a shower of blood and xaans feet make contact with the wall, cracking the whole wall. Then xaan launches off the wall into the air, destroying the entire side of the building with his take off. As he luaunches directly over je'koth, he pauses for a split second in mid air, then sticks out his hand and starts spinning in a torrent of awesomeness, propelled downwards. As the backhand tornado lands on je'koth's left cheek, a sonioc wave as result of the back hand errupts from je'koths cheek, instantaneously vaporizing 62 of the surrounding jawas. The force of the impact sends je'koth streight out at a weird angle and through several walls, only breaking the speed of his fleight slightly when he plows into an unaware jawa, leaveing only bloody brown boots behind.
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