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Caught up in the scene between Cadrius and Blarth, Shade is as surprised as the rest when the mysterious sword seems to detonate their small campfire. Instinctively tucking her chin down into the hollow of her shoulder and turning her face away, she nevertheless keeps her eyes on the scene. Somehow, a blade has found it's way into her hand, though it remains hidden beneath the mantle of her cloak.

Paladin. Can't I just be rid of him?

Somehow, he'd attached himself to her. That was his sword, and she recognized the symbol now perched in front of Cadrius, like a tiny silver adder. Without thought, her free hand grasps at the silver locket she wears beneath her shirt. She knew that symbol. Cadrius stoops forward.

Don't touch it!

Too late. It disappears into his big fist and she sees him stiffen, sees the pain flash across his face and watches as his blue eyes go icy. Fear like she has seldom felt surges through her and before she can react it is over. His shoulders slump and he seems almost himself as he slowly flexes his hand, then retrieves Blarth's offering and stowes it in his pack. The remainder of Paladin's blade juts from the remnants of the fire, an arrow pointing the way to hell.

"What the devil just happened!?"