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Blarth's closing statement is punctuated by a loud snap that makes everyone's head jerk toward the source, somewhere above the dying embers of the campfire. Several feet above, something metallic -- a weapon -- has materialized in midair. Spinning rapidly, it falls... landing point-first into the fire, sending sparks and embers flying in all directions.

As the firestorm settles, the weapon can clearly be seen. A claymore, easily six feet in length, with a distinctive hilt and handle: the steel wire wrapped in a way that conveys the impression of multiple bolts of lightning. Hanging from the hilt is a silver pendant, fashioned into a single lightning bolt.

The weapon looks quite familiar, even though it was shattered nearly a month ago.

As that realization sinks in, the blade snaps in two, spraying blood at the breaking-point. The handle and about two feet of the blade land near the campfire, while the pendant sails through the air, landing between the half-orc and the fallen paladin.