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She smiles at Cadrius when he greets her but quickly looks away as the others rise. She starts to climb to the summit of the small rise but stops when Blarth singles out Cadrius. The half-orc's demeanor is utterly different than the child like stupidity he normally displays. It surprises her, much as if a docile hound suddenly bares it's fangs with a growl.

Unconsciously, she shifts her weight to the balls of her feet, flexing her knees slightly to ensure balance and readiness. She notes Laronar's acid gaze and gives him a withering look in return, but otherwise she stays silent. More than anyone here, she wanted to see how Cadrius reacted, wanted to know if he was ready to pull himself from the pit of his self imposed despair.

When he speaks she lets out a breath she didn't know she was holding. He didn't lapse into the melancholy she hated, nor did he jump to rage, the other side of the dark coin of depression. Perhaps there was hope for him.

For us.