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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Cadrius wakes shortly before his watch and relieves Laronar early and passes his watch, contemplating the lands and stars. They seem particularly bright. But they always do, he reminds himself, when there is no light from the cities to block them.

Time rolls pleasantly by for the fallen paladin. The night air is cold, but the thick blanket keeps him warm. And so he spends the quiet hours before dawn, lost in thought, watching his breath create small puffs of steam.

The winter blanket and his own large body create a cocoon of warmth and so he sits, facing east, watching the first rays of light rise up over the horizon. His eyes shift from the horizon and onto his companions below. They're an unlikely group, certainly, and he isn't entirely sure how far he can trust most of them.

"Good morn," he says softly to Shade as she pokes her head up, coming out of what had looked to be a fitful sleep.

As the others begin to wake and move about, Cadrius stands and begins to prepare a meal. Keeping his blanket draped about him, he shuffles through the camp and to his backpack. In the relatively dim light, he looks different, as if he was an old man. While he had tried to keep warm, the chill air and the unchanging position that he had sat in, have stiffened his joints.

Within a few minutes he casts off his blanket, and begins to move freely, the image dispelled as his muscles warm up to the activity.