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Between the cold and her churning emotions, she is a long time falling asleep. Indeed, she is still awake when Nicos finishes his watch and Laronar takes his place. Her body was tired but her mind was wide awake, a confusing swirl of wants and needs held in bitter check by reality and fear. Sometime during the elf's shift she dozes, shivering.

It seems she sleeps forever, though it is a dark slumber, feeling more like a struggle to escape the black than a peaceful rest. Before dawn has lightened the sky she wakes briefly, or perhaps it is only a dream. There is no light, an ebony so intense she thinks that perhaps she is blind. Gradually, she becomes aware of vague shapes around her and finally makes sense of those shapes. It is the campsite, but distorted and vague, as if she views it through an inky sea.

One shadow detaches itself from the negative world, and at first she assumes the indistinct form to be Cadrius. As it draws closer, though, it begins to become more detailed until it is real and actually bathed in it's own light. Gleaming blond hair frames a well chiseled face; a pointed ear pokes from beneath the falling mass, equisitely shaped. She judges him to be a half-elf, and exceedingly handsome at that. He is tall and lean, athletic and supple. The cold seems to emanate from him like a wave and she is engulfed as he closes the distance to in in two short strides. One well-shaped hand reaches out to caress her cheek. Unable to move, she watches with a mixture of horror and awe and as he touches her she shivers uncontrollably, the cold of his fingertips like razors on her skin and then the darkness drops once more.


Two hours later the first rays of light stab over the low rise. Shade's eyes snap open as dawn's fingers touch her; her teeth are chattering and she wills them to stop, hugging herself for warmth. After a few moments she is feeling good enough to stand and she does so, feeling suddenly dizzy, though the feeling quickly subsides. She surveys the camp, the others stirring as well, and notes nothing amiss.

What surprises will this day hold?