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Atop the small rise near the campsite, a lonely vigil continues. To those with eyes to see and the will to do so, however, the nature of the vigil has changed. The quiet of the figure is now born of serenity, not sadness. Somewhere in the forest night, Blarth had found the strength to let his brother's death go. The feelings of loss remained, as they always would, but the pangs of guilt were gone. Like a fog they had lifted, revealing Blarth's true role in his brother's death, as comforter not killer. The fact that he had not saved his brother's life when he could have, was not a failing, but a strength. His brother knew the tribal law concerning the Mind Markings. To have used them on him would not only have been in violation of that law, but would also have stained his brother's honor. That would have been a fate far worse than death. A fate, for which his brother would have never forgiven him.

As it was, Blarth had tainted the honor of the elf in saving his life. The elf, however, was not of the tribe and did not seem to understand the offence Blarth had commited. It would be up to Blarth then, to redeem the elf's honor for him. How strange the world was, when an orc owed eren to an elf.

Down below, two figures make there way back to the camp. Above, however, Blarth continues his vigil, exploring his mind as his lerares had taught him.