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Shade looks up into his eyes as Cadrius breaks their embrace. She can see the sadness that flickers there, at odds with his brave smile. She doesn't smile back, her eyes slowly turning inward, and she nods at his statement.

"You're right, we should go."

As they walk back to camp her thoughts are whirling with what just happened. Her long pent up emotion now swirls throughout her body like a windstorm. She wanted to say so much, to tell him that what happened wasn't his fault, to let him know that he was still the same person he'd been before that tragedy. She didn't know where to start, though, and he didn't give her the chance.

Her step slows imperceptibly as they walk. Maybe he hadn't given her the chance because he didn't want her opinion. Maybe he'd already made up his mind about who he was. Maybe he didn't want to hear what she'd have to say.

Like you?

She quickens her stride so that they enter the camp together; everything looked the same. Odd, because inside she felt like everything had changed.

"Laronar claimed the second watch, but you're up anyway . . . do you want me to wake him?"