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Background Information:

James, Human Male Paladin of Pelor

James was born in the city of Greyhawk. His parents were addicts, and they more or less ignored him. He took to petty theivery, and became quite good at it. He used his psionic abilities subconciuosly, without ever knowing what they truly were. Shadows were just a bit darker when he was around, and his hands seemed to move quicker when he was stealing. Eventually, he was caught by a priest of Pelor while trying to steal a golden chalice from the Sunroom in the local temple. The priest was too kind to punish him, and let him go with a warning. James arrived home to find his parents dead, sprawled out on the floor, pipes still in their mouths and smoking. James went berserk, and took it out on the city. He burned down buldings, destroyed merchandise, and killed pets. Again, he was caught. This time he would not get off so easy. He would have been sentenced to prison, or worse, had the same priest of Pelor not saved him.

The priest took him back to the temple of Pelor and made him an offer. James would be allowed to live in the temple in exchange for his service. He would learn to cook, clean, and most importantly, he would learn the tenets of Pelor. James agreed, and was put to work at once. He quickly learned how to cook and clean, and took to fighting like a fish took to water. The one thing he couldn't stand were his lessons. Everyday, during the classes he had to attend, he would get in trouble in some way. The priests had no reason to really punish him, because somehow he still learned just as much as the others.

This went on for 10 years, until James was 20. The priest, now old and frail, told James to go out and explore the world. He knew that James was not fit for the life of a priest. He gave James his old sword and armor, telling him his story. He explained to James that he was orphaned as a child, and was brought into this temple just like James was. The sword was his fathers, the armor was crafted by his best friend, one of the finest Dwarven smiths in all the realm. James accepted the old mans heirlooms, and stood by him until he passed away.

James was given all the supplies he needed by the clerical order, and the head priest gave him a golden holy symbol as a memento of his time in the temple. James left that night, and traveled far away, seeing many things and becoming somewhat of a hero in the lands surrounding Greyhawk. His powers of the mind grew, though he did not know it. He can now consciously use his powers, though he thinks they are gifts of Pelor. He finds himself back at Greyhawk, and is eager to vist the temple of Pelor to visit his 'family'.

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