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Into the Woods 4

Destiny – Into the Woods 4

Almego grabs Alison and tumbles clear of the nauseating cloud, rolling in the snow. Looking up, Almego sees the Hag wheeling about to come in for another strike. With grim determination, he pulls forth the Hand of Time and invokes its power, "Dem Es Berste Tyme Peru Muse." Turning its hands to 7 o'clock, he unleashes the power of Confusion upon the Hag, hoping to stall her attack.
The wave of energy slams into B’Hara and the look on her face is priceless. For a second she appears stunned and then her face contorts and becomes a scream of fear! She quickly reverses the bat’s course and it begins to climb, heading for the tops of the trees, bearing northeast toward Mount Hotenow which looms in the distance. Almego grins wickedly and then across the battlefield, he yells, "Mirko, lets see what that thing can do!"
(OOC: Nice work, Josh! Thanks for the reminder on the caster level.)

Alison coughs and gags when freed from the stinking cloud, and then grits her teeth and staggers to her feet. Rage fills her as she invokes the Statue of Kane. She stretches for her hand and a crackling whip of ice appears in her fist! And as G5 dives down to attack, a blue sheen of ice surrounds her body and she lashes out with the icy whip! The whip slaps the giant bat in the head, wracking it with numbing pain! (D9) It shrieks and tries to bite Alison, succeeding with a nasty wound to her arm! (D11)

Still reeling from the painful bat bite, Amra calls upon Silvanus for power and as the bat (G1) banks around to come back for another attack, a bolt of lightning falls from the heavens, slamming into its back! (D23) The bolt rocks the creature and it tries to maintain its attack, but instead it begins to climb, seeking escape.
Nearby, Samson appears out of the foggy mists, covered with mud and spitting straw from his mouth, having destroyed H10.

Dreys roars in defiance and attacks the bog hound in front of him, cutting a chunk out of it on a mighty overhand chop and then destroying it with a backward swing (D20). After Dreys last swing, the creature falls to the ground and begins to dissolve into a mass of mud and hay.
Suddenly, a giant bat (G3) swoops down at Dreys attempting to bite him, but the battle-fused dwarf swings his axe and cleaves a large wound the bat’s belly (D12).

Hearing Almego’s call, Mirko replies, “These fucking dogs are just annoying! Come on down and play with the big boys ya damned bag 'o bones! This shaft'll give yer flaps a good stretch!”
And with that, Mirko draws forth The Burning Blade for the first time in combat and hefting it with both hands, he uses its full weight to bring it down on the head of the bog hound attacking him (H9). The heavy mace drives the bog hound to the ground (D16) and then Mirko hits its again, crushing its neck and front legs (D12). Somehow, the beast still moves after all of that punishment and Mirko, like Dreys, can’t help but voice aloud, “What kind of spawn are these creatures?”

Seeing B’Hara attempting to escape, Almego draws in more power, focusing his attention on the hag’s mount. The young sorcerer unleashes a ball of static electricity hoping it has more effect than Alison's magic…and curses a blue streak when the sphere is seemingly “absorbed” by the giant creature.
“She’s getting away! We must bring her down!” he cries, pulling a black wand from his sleeve. But then G3 is upon him, delivering a nasty bite to his arm, causing him to drop the wand in the snow (D12).

Alison doesn’t hear him, however, as she cracks her icy whip at G5, ripping out black fur and flesh with its frozen caress (D15). The bat attempts to bite her, nonetheless, but she easily ducks under the attack.

Dreys hears Graham call for help and rushes to the priest’s aid, delivering two vicious chops at the bog hound that has Graham pinned to the ground (D21). The hound turns on Dreys, biting and clawing, but the dwarf’s armor deflects its attacks.

Mirko takes a step back from the bog hound at his feet and then looks up to survey the rest of the battle. The Burning Blade thrums in his hands and Jundar “speaks” to him, leading his actions. Pointing the heavy mace at the ground, Mirko wills its power over the mud and slush, rippling through the bog, turning it solid under the feet of the hounds! (OOC: Freakin’ awesome! And I’m a loser for not getting you the powers sooner. I promise, PROMISE, to do that by this weekend.)
Four of the bog hounds find themselves stuck in the solidified swamp ground, but the big moor hound manages to avoid entrapment.
This makes it easy work for the companions to do some serious damage on the hounds, and the celestial bear easily destroys H3, and then moves to help Franklin who is being mauled by the huge moor hound!

(Round ends with Almego healing 5 pts)



Alison – down 11
Almego – down 7
Amra – down 10
Dreys – down 3
Franklin – down 33
Graham – down 4
Mirko – down 9
Samson – down 9
Shirl – down 4
Swindell – down 9

Giant Bats:
G1 – down 23; trying to escape
G2 –
G3 – down 12
G4 –
G5 – down 15
G6 – down 10; B’Hara’s mount

Bog Hounds:
H1 – down 10; held
H2 –
H3 – dead
H4 –
H5 –
H6 – down 9; held
H7 – down 15
H8 – held
H9 – down 28; held
H10 – dead
H11 – dead
Moor Hound Leader –

B’Hara – confused and fleeing!
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