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Into the Woods 2

Destiny – Into the Woods 2

Mirko nods to Swindell and the young ranger turns and begins to lead your group into the swamp. Your senses are assaulted by the rotting vegetation and sounds of the swamp. Constant noise causes you to jerk and turn, straining to see what is making the sounds. You see nothing but endless swamp. Trees with enormous root systems stretch skyward while layers of moss and slime float around their trunks. A weird call sounds to your right, then a splash to your left, a hooting call overhead, and a weird thrumming sound somewhere behind you.
“Nice spot, Swindell.” Hudson sneers. “Remind me not to go on any picnics with you in the future.” Swindell glares at the big warrior and Franklin says, “Cut the chatter. Swindell knows more about this type of terrain than any of us.” He glances at the others to find them huddled together in a tight wad, uneasiness and apprehension evident on their faces. Swindell nods and says, “Test every step before putting your full weight on it - the ground is liable to give way underneath you at any time. And watch out for quicksand! There’s bound to be pools of it here and there. If you fall in, stay as still as possible and don’t thrash about! We’ll get you out slowly but surely. Follow my lead and when I say...”
His words are interrupted by a loud splashing somewhere up ahead through the mists and trees.
Almego senses the danger in the air and invokes a spell. Almost immediately, mirror images of the young sorcerer pop into view (6 images). He licks his lips and pulls forth one of his pistols, scanning the swamp.

Things settle down and Swindell signals to move out. The ranger takes about three steps before sinking up to his chest in the murky water. He turns and looks at the rest of you, “Watch out for pot holes too.”
Hudson chuckles, but Dreys ain’t laughing. “Damn this swamp and damn the hags! Dwarves don’t like the water much or haven’t ye heard!” Dreys growls, looking for a not-so-deep hole to step into.
Everyone moves ahead and the going is slow but steady as you pick your way through the swamp, looking for some kind of solid trail. Suddenly, Swindell raises an arm and drops to a crouch. The rest of you stop in your tracks and strain your eyes and ears in an attempt to pick up any danger.
Mirko sniffs and a low growl forms in his throat…just as Samson creeps by him, crouched low to the ground. The great snow cat is on alert, its tail twitching in excitement; Amra is not far behind it.
“Something comes,” she whispers in a flat tone, her eyes glued to the mists ahead. And just then… when a braying sound echoes through the swamp freezing everyone where they stand. The hair on the back of your neck stands on end and goosebumps run all over your flesh. In seconds the unearthly howling seems to be all around you and you stand locked in place, weapons brandished and peering into the mists. Swindell comes rushing back and says, “Move! There’s a small clearing up ahead that may be defendable!”
As you follow the ranger, Franklin yells, “What is it?” But before he can answer a huge dark shape swoops overhead causing you to drop and roll to avoid being hit. “What the hell what that?” Hudson asks scrambling to his feet. “Damned if I know,” Amra says, “but it was huge!”
Up ahead you see Franklin and Swindell braced and ready for combat and you hear splashing sounds approaching fast as the howling grows louder and louder. Shapes move through the mist as the swamp comes alive! The shapes look like big dogs made of straw and mud with sharp teeth and claws. There must be a nearly a dozen of them. And leading the pack is a large, coal-black creature with flaming red eyes. Larger than a mastiff, the black hound moves through the swamp water like vapor, making no sound at all! As you fan out bracing for the pack, huge shapes appear overhead and begin swooping down upon you! You see them clearly now - black bats with wingspans of nearly 12 feet! Their fangs gleam through the mists as they “talk” to one another while diving toward you.
And upon the back of one of the black bats…rides a hag!
“There they are my pretties!” cackles B’Hara, one of the Storm Sisters. “Rend them, rip them, tear them up! But save the young girls for me! I likes ‘em fresh and tender!”
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