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Originally Posted by chalice Susan Cooper - The Dark Is Rising sequence...They also draw heavily on English myth and folklore; I don't know any US-types who have read them and would be interested to know how/if the stories work for non-Brits.
Linking this thread for a friend who needed reqs for some good fantasy books and noted that post by chalice. I did read the Dark Is Rising series when in High School, and greatly enjoyed them. As much as I loved The Chronicles of Narnia series, another British-penned classic children's fantasy series that's still enjoyable as an adult to me (and yes, heavily allegorical, but I think it's perfectly ignorable in itself if so inclined). I recently picked up an omnibus of the latter, and a boxed set of paperbacks of the former, to re-enjoy them. The British aspects struck me as perfectly natural and added to my enjoyment of both series, even if a bit dated at the time, and even more so now. If anything, that heightens my enjoyment; that feeling of going back to another time is as alluring as slipping into another world entirely.

The mythology and folklore drawn on in both also was rather recognizable, as most Euro-American fairy tales are heavily influenced by Arthurien legends and other traditional European mythology, with a few others thrown in for good measure. Adding religious themes is also common in these sort of tales, as many myths were later altered by religious groups to help with conversion.

But yes, I rather liked them
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