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Originally Posted by Merbak # [ooc: in the afternoon prior to the casting he activated Wood dragon's claws and Unbreakable Bones of Stone, he avoided everyone lest he accidentally harm them. I'll take some time this weekend to write up his 'battle form' in the character sheets section. EDIT: thinking about this, some of my spell choices may have been silly. That being said, I need to ask: do either of these spells stack with Incomparable Body Arsenal? And if so, how?... may need to change this post based on that info.]
Wood Dragon Claws would have to be cast after IBA, in order to be effective. Your 'claws' would be based on WDC, while all other attacks made possible with IBA would utilize your IBA stats/abilities. In either case Unbreakable Bones of Stone and Invulnerable Skin of Bronze stack with both and each other, with the exception of Hardness. The rules state that multiple Hardness' never stacks, so you are 'stuck' with the 10 from IBA.
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