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As Cadrius asks her about the blind wizard, she shakes her head.

"That's just it. Now that we're here we don't know where to look for Cadogan. We could stay here for months and never hear a word from him."

Shade didn't know what she had been thinking when they set out from Karkus. It should have been clear that those who spirited Cadogan away were more than capable enough to keep him away from unwanted visitors. Which they most definitely were, as Nicos had been quick to point out. Though the bard himself seemed to be having an easy time of it here. A hint of her old anger returns, quickly extinguished.

"I'm sure that's exactly what Ysene wants us to do: run off and do the dangerous stuff, with a rival group of wizards itching to slay us if we're discovered. I told her 'no', but she made me promise to mention it. So I have."

Still, something in Ysene's words had rung true to her. Shade had come here out of loyalty to a friend. She hadn't found him, but if there was something she could do to help him shouldn't she do it?

"Are we in danger? Probably. Nicos said as much when we got here, and based on the rivalry between Ysene and Gemoud . . . well, who knows. According to Ysene they don't know much about us yet, but that could likely change for the worse at any time."