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Following Olyl through a maze of corridors, Ben quickly loses his sense of direction. After several minutes though, Olyl stops in front of a series of doors and points to one. "That one's yours. These are a set of guest rooms for any group or party that happens to come by here. At the moment though, they aren't occupied by anyone, so we'll give you this one. There is a refectory down the hallway and to the right, and the room should provide most of the rest of your needs."

THAT wasn't something you heard every day, but Ben wasn't in any mood or condition to really be asking questions. He didn't want to do anything but be alone. So he simply nodded and walked towards the door the younger man had indicated. He vaguely noticed as he opened the door the runes on the front changing to show a shield with the hilt of a sword appearing behind and above it, the tip of a blade poking out past the bottom of the shield. Then he closed the door.

The room wasn't much, but then again it wasn't something you ran away from either. Ben had slept in a few of those. Sleeping out in the forest surrounded by bugbears would be better than sleeping in one of those rooms again. A copper tub lay over in one corner of the room; a bed with sheets, pillows, and an actual wool blanket lay in the corner beside it. A mirror was placed next to the tub, probably so the room’s occupant could shave if needed. There was a wardrobe in the corner to the left of the door, and a chair and small table was situated in the opposite corner.

Setting his shield and sword in a chair, he began to take off the chain shirt. Now only in the clothes of a peasant or farmer, he looked at himself in the mirror. He had a beard forming, several weeks of growth from his traveling without a real shave. His dark brown hair was disheveled and quite oily looking, and his blue eyes were streaked with red from him crying earlier.

I look like I just walked up from the Ninth Circle of Hell itself to here. Kinda feel like it too. Maybe I should take a bath before I go to bed. Looking around for the bucket to go out and get water with, his attention falls on the tub, sitting there with steaming hot water inside it. Standing there in wide-eyed shock, Ben hesitantly reaches to touch the water. When his hand tentively touched the water, he jerked back. By the might of's warm! But...there wasn't any water in there before. Where did it...?

Staring at the water for several more seconds, Ben finally decided that since someone was kind enough to fill his tub with hot water, he might as well bathe. Shedding the rest of his clothes, he eased himself into the tub, letting the warmth surround him. He let out a sigh as he felt the warmth ease his muscles and give him some sliver of peace.

He sat there with his eyes open though, his neck craned back, staring at the ceiling. It had been painted on, making an epic picture of several heroes fighting a Red Dragon. A spellcaster was just finishing her spell, sending a blue bolt of something towards the Dragon. A woman clad in a shining suit of full-plate was in the clutches of the Dragon, using her shield to block the fiery breath of the Dragon, the shield starting to glow red from the heat. An Elf was perched atop the Dragon's head, desperately trying to use his icicle-covered sword to pierce the tough scales of the Dragon's skull. A dwarf was at the base of the dragon's feet, leaping aside as the Dragon's other claw came smashing down where the dwarf had been. A paladin of Heironeous was about to thrust his sword, which glowed with a holy light, into the stomach of the giant Dragon.

The painting was incredibly detailed, he could make out the details of the shield started melting, see the rocks and debris fly from the Dragon's claw slamming down into the ground, even make out the individual hairs on the spellcaster's head, accentuated by the blue light from her spell. As he continued to stare at the painting, the spellcaster's face seemed to resemble that of Lisa's, the dwarf's rugged features sharing similarities to Dorndrum's. As the similarities became to sure to mistake, Ben closed his eyes.

Vaguely, in the back of his mind, Ben wondered what that other man, Cadrius, was doing.