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"Killed?" Blarth asks in confusion, looking around for a cage or container that might contain a live creature. Unable to find one, Blarth looks at the lady wizard as if she has two heads.

Taking down one of the stone statues, the lady shows it to Blarth and says, "These specimines, they are alive. Shattering them, like you did to the one you dropped, is the equivalent of killing them."

"But, they're nothing more than stone sculptures," Blarth protests, "Very good ones, I'll grant you, but stone nonetheless."

"You simple half-orc," the lady sighs, shaking her head. "They are stone now, but that was not always the case. Each of these specimines was carefully collected in the wild. A flesh to stone spell and a variant of the shrink item spell rendered them as you see them now. I can, with a couple of other spells, return them to their original state in order to study them. However, for storage purposes, it is easier to keep them as you see them now."

Seeing the Blarth doesn't believe her, the wizard takes down another lizard much like the one Blarth already broke and begins casting a couple of spells. At first nothing happens to the statue, although Blarth does feel a slight tingling feeling. Then the statue grows rather quickly, becoming a little more than a foot in size. Then as he watches with widening eyes, the stone statue takes on a softer appearence and its color changes from gray to blue.

When the transformation is complete, Blarth hesitantly reaches out with his hand to verify that what he's seeing is real.

"Careful," the wizard says as Blarth pulls his hand back quickly and shakes it, trying to restore feeling to his numb fingers. "The shocker lizard is aptly named. It can generate electrical discharges capable of rendering its prey insesible."

Casting a few more spells, the wizard restored the lizard to its tiny statuesque form and places it back on the shelf.

"So, Blarth, what were you looking for when you wandered in here?"

"Well, I was looking for a way outside. I wanted to get a bit of fresh air before turning in for the nigth," Blarth replies, not realizing that he never told the woman his name.

"Well, this obviously wasn't what you're looking for, let me show you to the courtyard."

Leading the way through the hallways, the lady takes a few turns before opening a door that leads out into a beutiful garden.

"Remember where the door is," the woman says to Blarth, "its hidden by an illusion so that those in the courtyard can forget they are in the middle of the citadel for a while."

Turning around to look at the door, Blarth is suprised to see a large oak tree where the door should be. Reaching out to touch it, Blarth is suprised to feel his hand pass through the bark and land on the smooth planking of the door.

"This is a very strange place," Blarth comments.

"Only for those who don't live here, I imagine," the woman replies, "Well, I must reitre. When your ready to turn in go back through the door and take a left. Then follow the corridor until you find your room."

Blarth watches the wizard go as she opens the 'tree' and disappears from sight, before wandering around for a bit.


"Well, Ysene? Did you manage to spell them all?"

"I was able to get to the woman and the half-orc while they were isolated but the half-orc proved to be abnormally resistant to the spell. Another go at it might work, but if he realizes what is going on the gig will be up."

"And the bard and the man?"

"Neither have been alone yet. They have been in the company of either one of their companions or Geomund thus far. I dare not take the chance that one would realize I was trying to spell their friend and Geomund... Well, we have enough problems with her without further complicating things."

"True. We will just have to hope that the woman is enough to drive the group to what we want. However, should the opportunity arise, you are still tasked to spell the man or the bard. The more of them we are able to spell the more likely they will do what we want as a group."