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There is a long pause, which lengthens, during which nothing happens. Cadrius begins to wonder is the room is empty but just as he shifts to knock once again the door opens a crack. A silver eye appraises him for a moment before the door opens; she is already walking away and then sits sideways, facing him, at a desk situated at the far end of the room. A half empty glass of red rests near her hand.

The room is a disaster, looking much like it has been ransacked by a group of malicious barbarians. Clothing is strewn about the room, drawers and doors are half open. Even the matress on the bed is askew. Shards of silvery glass are scattered across a dresser and the floor to the left of the door.

For a change, Shade doesn't look angry. Or determined. Or fierce. Or certain. She just looks numb, her eyes empty. Her voice, when she finally speaks, is likewise devoid of any emotion.

"Come in."