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Ben jumps a bit when the Bard slaps Cadrius on the back. The noise had shot him out of his daydreaming and brought him back to the real world. He nodded to the Bard, and then watched as he left. A bard huh? Must be hard to play instruments with only one arm. Guess that's why he sings so well.

He smiled a bit at Cadrius' comment, though he didn't know why. The Half-orc was off eating again, probably a good idea but Ben still wasn't all that hungry. Any second now they shou--

Ben's thoughts are interrupted when the wizard at the head of the table stood up and clasped his hands. Suddenly, everything becomes silent. No mumble can be heard of conversations, no clattering can be heard from glasses and plates, and not even the silent beating of hearts can be heard. Everyone turned to look at the standing wizard; they obviously knew he was about to speak because of the silence.

Unclasping his hands, the silence ends and an air of anticipation takes its place. The elderly wizard begins to speak, "My friends and colleagues, and yes even our dear guests," he says this gesturing towards Ben and the two others near him. "I am sad to inform you all about the loss of several important members of the Brotherhood. In my time, they were perhaps the greatest influence upon the outside world upon our behalf, and their loss though suspected, could not be confirmed until now, 8 years after their deaths."

The silence is solemn in the refectory. Ben knows what is coming, but in his mind he secretly wishes that what he knows to be true wasn't, that it was all a bad dream and that this man was going to say other names besides the three Ben knew. He could feel himself holding his breath in anxious suspense, knowing the outcome but wishing desperately it wasn't set in stone, it wasn't guaranteed.

"Thus, it saddens me to offer a toast. A toast in honor to the lives of Jonathan, Turmahult, and Lisa, whom have now been confirmed as dead." The elderly wizard raises his glass, though a sad expression covers his face. The face of every other wizard and sorcerer present is a mix of shock, disbelief, and horror. Apparently, whoever these three were, they were quite well known throughout the Brotherhood. Everyone raises his or her glass to the toast though, and each one drinks it down to the last drop.

Then the buzz of conversation returns, but it is obvious that it no longer concerns the newest spell invented or the latest wonder created, but of the three names just mentioned.

Ben also raises his glass in toast, but afterwards he does not turn to either Cadrius or the Half-orc to discuss this sudden announcement. Instead, his face falls and his eyes begin to shimmer with the wetness that had suddenly appeared in them. He gets up out of his chair, grabs his sword, shield, and backpack and puts them on. He lifts the hat off the chair last, pausing just for a moment to look at the hat, before placing it on his head, shrouding his blue eyes in shadows. He turned towards the door of the refectory and began walking towards it.

He had done what he had come to do. He didn't want to stay here any longer, not in the presence of all these wizards, not with them talking about his friends and family like they were some sort of legends. He could feel tears streaking down his cheeks, but he held himself from sobbing.

Without either a good-bye or a nod to either Cadrius or the half-orc, he opens the door and leaves.