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Drawing to the closing note of the song, Nicos opens his eyes and glances around the room. Most of the occupants were concentrating on their own affairs, a minority were paying minimal attention to the bard - signified by the occasional glance, and only a small handful had focused entirely upon the impromptu performance. Noting that none of those focusing on him were his type, Nicos silently gives up in resignation.

Pushing back his plate, which the enchanted cutlery had endeavoured to continue filling with meat after he had finished, Nicos makes his way over to Cadrius and Blarth - noting as he goes that Shade hasn't of yet turned up. Dropping his hand on the former paladin's shoulder, the one armed man interrupts.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I suspect I'll fail to find any amusement here tonight, so I'm going to retire early. You know her better then I, but if Shade doesn't turn up, it might be an idea if you took her some food. You all needed a hot meal, especially after the troubles you weathered to get here."

Clapping the man on the shoulder, giving Blarth a succinct farewell, and a nod to the darkhaired stranger they have been conversing with, Nicos makes his way out of the hall softly humming a tune to himself. Still humming when he reaches the door to his room, the bard opens it, steps through and then comes to an abrupt halt.

On the small table provided lays the remains of an eaten meal and a mostly full bottle of wine. At the edge of the table closest to the bed rests a lone candle, illuminating the room in a soft flickering light. All of this however, passes unnoticed as the bards attentions centres on the bed.

Reclining on the stuffed mattress, reading from a tome, and clad in a night-gown, is the red haired beauty named Gemoud.

"You have quite the voice," the woman says, looking up and closing her tome.

"If I had known I had company waiting, I would have selected a shorter song from my repertoire," the man replies, stepping fully into the room, and shutting the door behind him.

"No need to put yourself out for me," the woman smiling at the playful slight.

"Well I am a creature of habit," the bard says, walking over to the table, and hovering near the candle.

The smile opening to one of invitation. "So, Mister Creature-of-Habit. What do bards do after their performance?"

Returning the smile, Nicos picks up the song he was humming, accompanying it by a few swift gestures at the solitary candle. From a distant corner of the room, an unnatural puff of wind darts towards the flame, quenching it, leaving the darkness to embrace the lovers.
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