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Nodding as the Half-orc introduces his companions, not really paying attention to who he waves at, Ben continues looking for Gemound. He doesn't see her present at the table anywhere, so Ben guesses she must not have come to this particular refectory. Ben didn't actually know if there where any other refectories here, but it made sense that there were since they couldn't possibly fit everyone into this one room.

Still Ben didn't feel as happy about it as he thought he would have. He wouldn't have to deal with her at least, but he still felt a tad bit sad that she hadn't come, almost as if he felt slightly betrayed. He shrugged it off as a bit of nervousness about being in the company of so many magic-users.

Ben finally gave the two persons the Half-orc had indicated a good look. The first was a man with a muscular build and a sword beside him, much like Ben except...older, more mature somehow. He also looked a little familiar, though as with the Half-orc Ben couldn't remember from where. It wasn't until he looked over at the second person that he realized who it was he was talking to.

Farther down the long table, just starting to sing a song that felt both familiar and alien to Ben, was the one-armed wizard he had been seeing off and on all day. But the Half-orc had called him a bard, and his voice and song seemed to confirm that. So he ISN'T a wizard. That explains a few things.

That was when Ben realized where he recognized the half-orc and warrior. In the library, they had been the ones following the one-armed man around. He looked at the warrior just as he started speaking to him.

"It would appear all the warriors are gathered in one place"

Ben grins at the comment and responded, "Well birds of a feather DO stick together, no?" Then the warrior asks him about his name. At that Ben's grin faded, and his eyes glazed over slightly as he remembered things about his past.

"I don't think it's short for anything. I...never really knew the people who named me. I've just always known my name as Ben, so that's all anyone has ever called me." The bolts of lightning in his eyes have faded slightly, and he doesn't look at anything in particular. His normally piercing gaze is lost, and where once there was a man with the look of years of hardship and toil, now there was simply a child who had tried so hard to survive.