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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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At his mention, Cadrius gives the man a cursory glance, nodding his head once in greeting. He's surprised at Blarth's charisma as the half-orc, while possessing a good heart, doesn't strike him as being gifted with a silver tongue. Yet he seems to get on well enough with the other one, lame jests aside.

"It would appear all the warriors are gathered in one place," he says, noting the longsword leaning against the man's chair before glancing at his own blade.

He wonders how well the bastard sword would serve him in a room full of sorcerers. Idly he looks at the nearest wizards and apprentices. He'd likely get one, maybe two, before their magics could descend on him. Then again, with so many of their own, they might be afraid to do much for fear of killing their kin. Yet not every spell in their repetoire would cause an explosion. Like as not one would turn him into something unnatural and that would be the end. He frowns.

Cadrius brushes the thought of fighting a banquet full of wizards aside. It was merely a thought, a mental exercise taught to him by the master at arms long ago.

Yes, who is he waiting for?

His guard reappears, walling off his persona from the potentially dangerous outside world. This "Ben" could be working for anyone here. Warriors aren't exactly welcome in an arcane academy. Perhaps he has some magical gift, or perhaps he's in with Gemoud.

"'Ben,'" he says, "what is that short for? Benjen?"

He asks the question, keeping the attention on the man. Perhaps he'll slip and tell them something useful.