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Rough Draft of New Pantheon in new age...

Draved *known by a new name and symbol in new age* is the only God from the good side to survive in their true form and full strength. Geraldin and Timmy's essences survive within their respective Margantis' and Aven'Dorsa's Divinity still exists among the elements of the Prime Material Plane. Cinder also remains active in the divine realm having been given both Bahamut and Tiamat's divinity in the last days.

Ariathol is the only one to remain a God on the evil side, but she keeps the animated remains of BelZhor and Maximar around as her personal pets - Zombie God Corpses!!

Draved goes on to spawn a host of new quasi-dieties (half-gods) in hopes of someday building a strong enough force to rescue his father and Timmy from the new Morganti Gods, 'All Father' and 'Sliver' (Geraldin's Greatsword and Timmy's Dagger)


The new race, the Ancients, Gods to be thought more about later...

More on Morganti Gods later...
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