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Interlude 18: Sanctification Round 4

Interlude 18: Sanctification Round 4

“An early wolf is better than a late wolverine!” taunts the Evil Takeshi as his summoned wolf appears between the two combatants. The wolf charges Takeshi, tearing his arm in its jaws, and knocking him prone.

Despite the pain and jostling, Takeshi is able to maintain his focus on the spell, and continues casting.

Meanwhile the flaming sphere rolls steadily towards Takeshi.

5,7:12 (1d20=17, 1d20=13, 1d20=13, 1d20=1, 1d20=5, 1d20=20, 1d20=9, 1d20=15, 1d20=1, 1d20=12, 1d20=7, 1d20=12, 1d20=1, 1d20=17, 1d20=8, 1d20=10, 1d20=13, 1d20=16, 1d20=7, 1d20=16, 1d20=19, 1d20=2, 1d20=20, 1d20=1, 1d20=19, 1d20=5, 1d20=16, 1d20=6, 1d20=8, 1d20=11)

Round 3
09 Takeshi 245E/100N HP 8/24. Starts summoning.
05 Evil Takeshi. 235E/170N. Finishes summoning. Instructs wolf. Moves sphere to 240E/150N. Wolf arrives at 245E/135N. Charges and attacks Takeshi. Hits with 20. Confirms with 9+mods. 7 pts of damage. Trip 15 vs Takeshi 1. Takeshi is knocked prone. Takeshi concentration to keep spell when damaged=12+mods vs. DC 19 Succeeds. Concentration check 7+mods to keep spell when tripped DC 15. Success.