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Realms of Magic

Magic is an incredibly powerful and capricious force, so much so that over the millennia many spell cast traditions have arose in an effort to harness it. The current modality conceptualizes spellcasting around the means of absorption giving three realms of magic Essence, Mentalism, and Channeling.

Essence users tap most directly into the flows of essence and their spells tend to reflect this. Powerful, primal effects are the norm, making the manifestation of Essence magic hard to hide. Additionally, the shaping of essence spells requires a great deal of freedom of movement, as well as direct (skin) contact with the flows. Any amount of metal greatly interferes with spell casting. Even moderate amounts of organic material (leather, fabric) can affect spell resolution, leaving essence casters with few armor options.

Through years of intense training, Mentailsts learn how to guide ambient essence energy through the corridors of their mind, shaping it into spells through mental constructs and force of will, and as a result mentalism tends to be the subtlest of the three realms of magic. Because the mentalism is centered around the mind, they suffer no penalties for wearing armor or carrying metal on their bodies, but become almost completely incapacitated by helms.

Channelers make up the third, and final spell casting tradition. Whereas in both essence and mentalism it is the spell caster who is absorbing the raw magical energy for spell casting, channelers are given their magical power from an extraplanar being (typically a god). By virtue of their nature, deities inherently absorb some of the residual magical energy from their followers. They store this energy within themselves, aspecting it with their own unique energies. Through rituals and supplication, a deity can be convinced to invest a minute amount of its energy into a follower. This process magically ties the two together, allowing the deity to send mana to its devotee filling it much like one would fill a vessel with water.

Spellcasting Modifiers
Condition Essence Channeling Mentalism
No Free Hand -3 -2 +0
1 free Hand +0 +0 +0
2 free Hands +2 +1 +0
None -1 -2 +0
Whisper +0 -1 +0
Normal +0 +1 +0
Shout +1 +2 +0
None +0 +0 +0
Leather -2 +0 -3
Partial Metal -3 -1 -4
Full Metal -4 -2 -6
Heavy Cloth +0 +0 +0
Soft Leather -2 +0 +0
Rigid Leather -5 +0 +0
Chain -7 -6 +0
Plate -9 -7 +0
Other Equipment
Per 10lbs -1 +0 +0
Per 5lbs -2 -1/2 +0

Casting Time and Active points
The standard casting time for any spell is one Full phase. Optionally a mage can choose to spend more time preparing their spell (getting a +2 to their roll for every full phase spent casting) or less time (taking a -2 to cast as a half phase action, and a -4 to cast as a zero phase action).

Active points give the standard -1/10AP.
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