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Jiangu! Chapter 5, Scene 1: Golem Delivery

Jiangu! Chapter 5, Scene 1: Golem Delivery

Setting: The Dreaded Tower of Golock outside of Ichiba in ZunYan Province, 4th Morning of Midsummer, 300th Year of the Monkey

Nine days after their returns from the last adventure, the henchmen are summoned into Golock’s audience chamber. Once the customary greetings are exchanged, he gets down to business.

“My clay golem will be finished in four days, and the Interim Government has agreed to purchase it from me. I’m sure that I could have gotten a much higher price if I had auctioned it to the highest bidder, but honor would only allow me to sell it to the interim government. According to our arrangement, I must deliver the golem to their army in the field, and they will pay me once I present the treasury with a signed delivery receipt.”

“Of course it would be more expedient for me to teleport it with me to the army camp in order to deliver it. However, it is a location with which I am unfamiliar. Besides, if I wanted to waste spells and go galavanting all over the empire, I wouldn’t need henchmen.”

“You have until the 8th day of Midsummer to plan and prepare. Your mission is to deliver the clay golem to Colonel Qian Xun, the commander of the Fifth Imperial Regiment. The Fifth Regiment is marshalling in CaoYuan province before attacking the Aikou army in Merak Hoi. They may not have reached CaoYuan yet, or they may have already left for Merak Hoi by the time you arrive. Wherever they are, you will have to find them.”

“I will command the clay golem to obey Termix. Termix can command it to obey someone else. Once its obedience is transferred, it will only obey its current master. When you reach Colonel Qian Xun, command the golem to obey him once he signs this delivery receipt. Bring the delivery receipt back to me.”

Golock hands them a waterproof scrollcase. Within is a very formal legal document that has already been signed by the minister of the treasury, and leaves a prominent space for the signature of the Fifth Regiment commander.

“I imagine you may encounter some trouble enroute, but do not order the clay golem to attack anyone! There is always a slight chance that it will go berserk permanently. That is the nature of glolems. Armies usually send a golem deep into the enemy formation in a major battle, so that it will continue to destroy the enemy even if it goes berserk. Turning the tide of an important battle is worth the price of a golem.”

“Plan your route and get your gear ready. You must set out on the 8th of Midsummer and deliver the golem as quickly as possible. Until then, keep secret everything I have told you- the golem, the location of the fifth regiment, all of it.”

“What are your questions? There should be none.” The foul-tempered wizard glares at the henchmen.

Everyone receives 20gp monthly pay on the last day of Early Summer.

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