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I'm sad this game doesn't have a future (at this point), but I understand why you decided to fold, Gral. I don't believe you need to 'blame' yourself for it though. While the GM is definitely needed for the game to run (heh), the players can (and I believe need to) contribute their share to make the game fun and lasting. I don't think we as players have done well altogether - I haven't seen most of the players around for quite a while. Remember that you aimed for a rather fast-paced game with somewhere around 2-3 posts a week at least (unless I remember it falsely)? Obviously there are reasons why players don't post or why you weren't able to work on the game enough outside of work to make it work. Anyhow, we started together and we failed to get this game going together. Now let's see how and when we can start something new.