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"W-wait--you, you can't be... I can't--"

Gavel tried to make good his threat by swinging his warhammer overhead, but the soldier stumbled back just in time to see the hammer's head clap the surface of the foul water. The splash blinded the dwarf just long enough for his target to scramble a few yards away, crouched into a half-swim and screaming intermittently for help.

By now it wasn't just Kamh who could hear dogs behind the rain, and it was also clear that dogs weren't the only things barking; across the deep pool the defeated soldier was struggling in came the shouts of few more men, calling for another group. After a moment, there came a response, louder, and from the path the Pathfinders came, calling to move in for a flank. The baying and shouting seemed to come from every direction but forward, towards Railford itself.
Ad hoc, the exchange with the soldier takes about five rounds; thus, we're skipping to Round Nine.

The sound of dogs and men is closest on the left of the map and furthest on the right, with the sound coming from the top somewhere in-between. The closest sound can't be much more than a hundred feet from the main party.

Round Nine

The man does not call off the dogs, so Gavel's readied attack triggers. He rolls a 18, which misses due to cover. The man withdraws, though it doesn't get him very far. Tank is currently readied to intercept any enemy that approaches the party.


Soldier - 23

Kylihn - 21
Trerac - 19
Umuriel - 18
Padryc - 13
Kamh - 9
Surgeon - 8
Gavel - 24

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