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<Elisha^^> sonof help me work this out then
<Sonof> just a sec
<Elisha^^> cause i seriously though it was the other way round
<Sonof> okay
<Sonof> see where you are right now?
<Elisha^^> yes
<Sonof> sun sets in the west right?
<Sonof> now take 2 steps south
<Elisha^^> yes
<Sonof> does it change?
<Elisha^^> no
<Sonof> same thing for southen hemisphere
<Elisha^^> i know how i messed it up
<Sonof> the seasons change because the earth is on a tilt
<Elisha^^> i live on the west coast and if ialways look in acertain direction that is east
<Sonof> the earth still turns the same way
<Sonof> east is still east here
<Elisha^^> when i fly into austrial the sun was at the left of the plane
<Elisha^^> i was flying south
<Sonof> morning
<Elisha^^> yes
<Sonof> sunrise
<Sonof> east
<Elisha^^> yes
<Elisha^^> yeh
<Sonof> so where is the confusion?
<Elisha^^> but that is why i messed it up i thought i was looking west
<Elisha^^> as west is always to the left at home
* Sonof shakes his head
<Sonof> if you look north
* Elisha^^ does too
<Sonof> not if you look south
<Sonof> stop shaking my head!
<Elisha^^> it changes yes
<Elisha^^> the left and right change
<Sonof> you never look south where you live?
<Elisha^^> yes but i must have been thinking i was going noth
<Elisha^^> thats why i mixed up the east and west
<Sonof> north to the southen hemisphere?
<Elisha^^> and yes i am a dumb bitch
<Elisha^^> and that was a major blonde momment
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