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Malak and Aros -

Dar's brief response is simply

I understand.

Malak, you take your time, which will only serve you better in this endeavor. There are many tracks melting into one another, and it is very difficult to follow them at all. You do, however, catch first a glimpse, then the actual pattern of OmniFrost and Mizuki's footprints. The only way that you would be able to be sure, in fact, is that you already know these prints. For good or bad, however, they are not moving much at all, and are still (not disappeared, but still) near the ladder.

OmniFrost and Mizuki -

The man blurts out -

<Help eh? Always something in it for one you your type, always is, yes? You seek to help and to seek answers. Well, this is the web. I've yet to see the spider. Now, what can you do to help?>

The woman slaps him on the arm -

<Sit, fool! Even devils know hospitality, lest yer marrow isn't even a snack. She's giving us water, damn it all. That's not a light gesture, and you know it.>

She spits in her own hand and sticks it out in greeting -

<I'm Mab.>
Our son won't stop doing math, honey!

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