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Aros and Malak -

After a short moment, once the second message was sent, you hear Dar's voice:

The ladies have entered and the door is closed, leaving the stone with me. I cannot see them inside the house. What do you want -

There is obviously more that she is saying, but it is cut off.

Mizuki, Scratch is right beside you, tail wrapped around your ankle. You can hear her sniffing, quietly.

OmniFrost, you hear one of the creatures above you titter with laughter, where the first voice only snorts -

<Who are you who enters here to look for help?! I think you are mistaken. This is no wayfarer's rest, young lady!>

Despite the bravado, the creature hops down from the top of the ladder down to your floor. He is, indeed, what looks to be a halfling, though he has a feral cast to his posture. He holds a well honed flint blade in either hand. You see another face at the top of the ladder, a female, with a disarming smile and dangerous eyes. She climbs down quickly, like a spider, and stands behind and to the right of the male. She whispers, which both of you can hear -

<ain't demonkin, maybe some other hell though>

He nods and then sniffs -

<I've got no answers for you, Miss. Now, why are you really here?>
Our son won't stop doing math, honey!

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