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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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“Our hands were forced,” he says. “There was no other way.”

These are the words are those spoken by those that are neither innocent nor guilty, neither red-handed nor clean. They are words spoken by those that have borne the terrible price of carrying guilt after an accident, and they are the words uttered by those that have done what they must when the time demanded it. But they are not good words. They do not inspire. They do not comfort. They do not even ring true. They exist. They are of debatable veracity.

There could have been another way, of course. There is often the hidden path that is shrouded by thick branches and shadows. Rina and Yavan and Calliste had elected the way of acceptance. They could have instead simply let the town be and allowed them to continue to live with their evil bargain. In the minds of those that lived here the needs of the many outweighed those of the few. In the minds of the bards, this was an evil that could no longer be suffered.

It is with some irony that these three are self-appointed paragons of justice. They act with no authority, with little morality, and willingly disrupt, and likely kill, those that they do not know or care for. It will be easy for them. There will be cold nights huddled together in their winter garb, but they have food and supplies, and no home to worry about. They have no possessions but which they can carry on their backs. They have no livestock to feed. They have no children to care for.

What had they done, indeed.

“Come,” he says, “the spell will be broken soon and we must be away from here. Let us collect Calliste and our belongings and make haste. The south awaits.”